interactive light installation


Diaとは、木星の第53衛星-小さな月の名前です。 光と闇の独自のリズムを示す月は、与えられた太陽エネルギーだけを反射します。 球形のため、太陽放射は均等ではなく、反射の強さにもばらつきがあります。

Dia is the name of a small moon of Jupiter. Showing their own rhythm of light and darkness, moons only reflect the given solar energy. Because of their spherical shape the solar radiation is not equal and there are also variations in the intensity of the reflection.
The speres installed form a decontructed soroban, that you may use to calculate. The material invites you to change the light intensity of the objects with the flashlight of your smartphone.

■プロフィール profile
2016 Diploma of fine arts, Academy of Arts Nuremberg
2015 Meisterschuelerin
2003 Master of Arts in Art history and art education, University of Augsburg
1970* Germany

The photography shows the work „vertex“, 2016 by Kändler/Heubner/Miller which is part of the Skulpturenpfad Herrenberg, Germany. Photography by Martina Kändler.