kinetic light objects
「silent spectacle」


「あらわれるものは良きものであり、良いものはあらわれる。by ギー・ドゥボール

Movement, may it be monotone or chaotic, is inherently linked to our world. Through light and its reflection motorized objects trigger a projection on analog screens that then become poetic membranes between the subjective spectator and the constructed reality.
“What appears is good; what is good appears.“ Guy Debord


◆日時 11.3(日・祝)~23(土・祝) 12:00~18:00
◆会場 葉月ホールハウス
◆料金 無料
◆休廊日 11.5(火)・1(1 月)・18(月)

■プロフィール Profile
2016 Diploma of fine arts, Academy of Arts Nuremberg
2015 Meisterschuelerin
2003 Master of Arts in art history and art education, University of Augsburg
1970* Germany
(C) Martina Kaendler