Materials: Roots of trees that collapsed during typhoons, branches from trees in Zenpukuji Park, wood, hopsack cloth, garland, solar light, resin clay, glass tableware

制作 : 宮嵜 浩、桃井第四小学校4年生(トロールの食べ物)
協力 : BOMBRAI EAST:浦元広美、木村奈緒、佐久間洸


Trolls are fairies that appear in Northern European folklore, and their tradition derives from a poetic sensitivity born out of a wish to understand various phenomena that occur in daily life by envisioning things invisible to the eye. In this work, I will create a festival venue where the participants are absent in an attempt to imagine “things” that may exist there.

立命館大学土木工学科卒業後 大阪府公立小学校教員
東京 美学校入学 アート活動開始