The Singing Ringing Tree


Materials: Ema (wooden wish plaques used at Japanese temples and shrines), Edo-style string, acrylic paint, bells, pens


Zenpukuji Park has been a symbol of home for local people for more than half a century. The messages written on the ema suspended from The Singing Ringing Tree investigate what relevance and future the notion of ‘home’ has for local people in today’s increasingly ‘borderless’ world.

現在ブリスベン在住。東京とロンドンでの広告代理店勤務経験後、オーストラリアに移住。Griffith大学にて、学部からVisual Artを勉強し、2017年5月にVisual Art博士課程を修了。遊工房アートスペース滞在制作作家。

Mika Nakamura-Mather previously worked in advertising in Tokyo and London. She currently lives in Brisbane, Australia and has recently completed a Doctor of Visual Arts degree at Griffith University.

Telescoping (the tyranny of distance) 2015-2017. 木材、竹、経木、顔料、インク。390(W)x110(H)cm