Open Call! Artwork Proposals for Town and Park

Open Call! Artwork Proposals for Town and Park

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We have just started accepting submissions for Trolls in the Park 2023.

Real is fake, and fake is real.

Today, anyone can easily send information via social networking services, and various of information from around the world can be obtained instantly.
The rapid evolution of AI continues unabated, and the advancement of digital technology has made the virtual world, not to mention the editing and processing of images and photos, very familiar to us. The boundary between “real” and “fake” is now shaky. It is very important to train our eyes to discern what is real.
However, real is not necessarily true and fake is not necessarily fake. Fake art can also be the real truth.
What is real for you? We are looking forward to seeing your works that reconsider the meaning of art and the relationship between the real and the fake.

【Call for Artworks】
A. Site-specific work in Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park (installation, sculpture, architecture, etc.)
B. Performance work in Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park (performance, theater, dance, pantomime, music, etc.)

Town area
C. Site-specific/Performance work and projects in shops, galleries and on streets of the Nishi-Ogikubo and Zenpukuji area

E. Site-specific/Performance work, workshops, and other creative proposals that utilize the Momoi Daishi Elementary school

※A combination of any of the above is also possible

【Application deadline】
Applications must arrive no later than May 28 (Sun), 2023, sent either by email or post.

For further details read the following page.